What it’s like to work as a nurse at Dialogue

November 2017, by

When I applied to work at Dialogue, I was not entirely clear on what the role would be, as it was a completely new and innovative position. Treating patients via chat or video? That sounded different, even for someone like myself who has worked in remote areas and is used to stand-alone roles where telemedicine is sometimes available to connect with physicians. But practice nursing via telemedicine – that was something new to me. I made the decision to join, and have not looked back.

Daily work at Dialogue

Working at Dialogue is being an integral part of a team filled with motivated and creative professionals who thrive to make Dialogue what it is: an innovative and progressive telemedicine company where the health and well being of our clientele is our main priority.

As a nurse, I am our clients’ first point of contact when they come to us with their questions, worries or any health needs. Over text or video consultation, I assess the issue and come up with a plan adapted to their needs and situation, whether it’s referring them to one of our team’s physicians for a virtual medical consultation, educating them on how to take care of themselves and their children, referring them to a clinic or specialist or simply offering an attentive ear. Everyday, I get to help individuals gain more knowledge and confidence in their own capacity to take care of themselves. I help them navigate a health care system that can sometimes leave one confused and lost. I am there, easily available, on their phones or computers, to simplify access to healthcare in a world where life is fast paced and busy.

A worthwhile career move

Being a part of Dialogue is having my ideas heard, respected and welcomed. It’s being motivated to give the best of myself and evolve within the team. Learning opportunities and challenges are endless, creating a stimulating environment to grow not only as a professional, but also as an individual.

I took a chance on this young, fast-growing and ambitious enterprise, and have never looked back since. It was one of the best career decisions I’ve made for myself, and I am sharing my experience with enthusiasm, with the hope of attracting other innovation-seeking nurses to join our excellent team of healthcare professionals.

Crystelle Bourassa Dialogue