Cold and flu season – Tips and Survival Guide

October 2017, by

As you might have already noticed, viruses and other friendly germs have started their seasonal invasion. We thought it would be a good idea to provide you with some useful cold and flu prevention tips and tricks to avoid turning the office into an incubator.

Wash your hands

After you cough, sneeze, blow your nose, go to the bathroom, shake hands and before eating, use the good old soap and warm water or some alcohol-based hand disinfectant (more practical and more effective).

Cough in your elbow crease, not in your hands

It prevents the virus-infected droplets from flying free in the air or onto your hands, which are such a good disease vector.

Regularly disinfect your workspace and put your tissues in the garbage right away

Influenza and common cold viruses can survive several hours outside the human body, sometimes more than 24 hours. Wipes that contain alcohol or hypochlorite kill most germs. And to avoid germs on your workspace, toss them into the garbage!

Keep your distance

Flu viruses are mainly transmitted by the droplets you make when you cough, sneeze or talk and can go as far as 6 feet from you. Since you are contagious 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 7 days after, it’s safe to keep some distance at all times.

Stay at home if you’re sick

You might love coming into the office, but it’s not worth risking getting everybody sick. Get some rest and work from home (if your employer allows it) and come back to work when you feel better!

Get your flu shot

It will help your body create antibodies against the most common strains of influenza. Not only do you protect yourself, but you also protect others that are more at risk of developing complications from the flu. Contact us for information about our influenza vaccination campaign – our nurses can come to your office!

Take care of your immune system

Eat well and splurge on fruits and vegetables to get a good daily dose of various vitamins, stay hydrated and sleep well. It will give your body strength to fight the germs.

These simple tricks are pretty basic and simple, but are showing the best results in terms of infection prevention. It certainly will help you get through the winter in tip-top shape!

Spread the love, not the germs. Have a good season!


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