Virtual healthcare for employees. Impactful benefits for businesses.

Dialogue provides progressive, premium and affordable healthcare, accessible on mobile, for Canadian companies who care.

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Give innovative virtual healthcare. Get big business benefits.

Attract Attract and retain talent

Employers who genuinely care about mental and physical health, and prove it with leading wellness benefits, stand out as key choices in competitive hiring markets.

Meditate Reduce absenteeism

Help employees level up their productivity by offering a convenient, always-on-call alternative to in-person consultations. And by default, be absent from work much less.

Phone Save prescription drug costs

Reduce the total amount spent on medication as part of your group benefits plan.

Best of all, see happier, healthier people.

Empower employees and their families to be proactive with their health and mental wellness, nurture work-life balance, and notice the positive impacts all around.

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A fully-staffed
virtual clinic in your employees’ pockets.

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  • Live chats with nurses
  • Video consultations with doctors and mental health professionals
  • Prescription renewals and free medication delivery
  • Specialist referrals
  • Help navigating the healthcare system
  • Medical team follow-ups

Diverse expertise in one highly qualified medical team.

Quick access to the right professional empowers employees to be proactive with their physical health and mental wellness, knowing key expertise is finally simple to find.

Our current team includes more than 40 Canadians healthcare professionals, with outstanding experience. Meet a few.

Dr. Mark Dermer Family Physician,
25+ years of medical practice
Dr. Crystal Holly Psychologist,
PhD in Clinical Psychology
Dr. Alan Monavvari Family Physician,
20+ years of medical practice
Samara Felesky-Hunt Nutritionist,
Degree in Biology and Clinical Nutrition
Chloe Eustache Nurse Clinician,
Masters graduate of McGill University

Workplace wellness.
Your smartest investment yet.

An undeniable ROI is the mass effect of providing preventative care to your employees, and their families. Absenteeism plummets. Happiness and productivity soars. Potential savings add up, including drug costs, long and short-term disability claims and productivity loss.

Your company could potentially save $13,942 /year

That is not including what your company will also potentially save on drug costs, long and short term disability claims, and productivity loss.

The future of healthcare for business is virtual.

Millions of Canadians visit ERs for minor medical issues each year, spending countless hours mainly waiting. Telemedicine is the future of healthcare, gaining global momentum and becoming increasingly available in Canada.

  • 60%

    Over 60% of all doctors’ visits can be treated virtually

  • $2,000

    Over $2,000 is spent per year per employee due to sick days

  • 1/2

    1/2 day is the average ER wait time

  • 75%

    75% of Fortune 1000 (USA) plan to offer virtual healthcare

  • Support

    Medical colleges and the Canadian Medical Protective Association support telemedicine

  • 76%

    76% of patients prefer better access to a medical professional vs. in-person visits

Why CEOs love Dialogue

Albert Dong CEO
Nora Jenkins HR leaders
Sirel Oktamis Employees

"Using Dialogue simplifies the lives of our team members by avoiding unnecessary trips to the clinic or hospital"

Albert Dang-Vu CEO, Mirego

"Dialogue rocks! It saves our team members time in their personal lives, shows that we care about their whole health, and is incredibly easy to use. I recommend augmenting your benefits plan with Dialogue wholeheartedly"

Nora Jenkins Director of People Operations, Wealthsimple

"You guys saved my hand. I had a cat bite, and I was rushed to the Emergency by the Dialogue Doctor. The doctor at the ER said that if I would have waited one more day, I might have lost my finger. And then, Dialogue kept following up, day after day, to know how I was doing. I really felt like someone truly cared!"

Sirel Oktamis Dialogue Patient, AdGear

Dialogue makes life better and positively impacts the health of your employees, their families, and your business.

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